Blackwell awarded “Best New Swiss Brewery of 2013″

We are super excited to announce that Blackwell Brewery received the BOV’icial award of Best New Swiss Brewery of 2013. Just in front of our friends at Brasserie des 4 Milles. Congratulations to Julien. Congratulations to Bruno from Stotzi-Bräu for receiving the award of third best Swiss brewery of 2013. Thanks to BOV for this once-in-a-lifetime award.

This award is a huge honour for our small brewery and pushes our motivation to create new and exciting beers in 2014 as well. Furthermore, we are working on the necessary documents to finally get the permission to sell part of our output to a broader audience at selected bars & pubs.

Please check out BOV’s blog. One of the most knowledgeable person when it comes to the Swiss brewery scene with a nice overview of the current Swiss beer culture:

Lets raise a glass, To good beer!Aniversary