6 Brauereien, 1 Biercafé, 6 Taps, 1 Abend – 28th of August

Take out your calendar and mark Friday, 28th of August: 6 Brauereien – 1 Biercafe – 6 Kegs – 1 Abend.
6 of the finest breweries (523 feat. Biercafé Au Trappiste, bierversuche.ch, BRAUBAR, Brygger Øl, Full Measure Brewing and Blackwell Brewery) will serve each one beer that started from the same batch of beer. Get out to Bern to experience how far you can push one single base of beer.


Mikrobrauer-Armageddon Liebefeld

Take out your calendar and mark Friday, 4th of September: Mikrobrauer-Armageddon at Erzbierschof Liebefeld. And Blackwell will be present with two taps as well.


Blackwell on tap at Biercafe Au Trappiste Bern

Take out your calendar and mark Friday, 31st of July: Black(well) magic is going to happen!


Blackwell meets Full Measure Brewing

and commemorates the bond of awesomeness with a liquid creation: Nelson Terro{i}r; Artisan Saison. We at Blackwell are always looking for other artisan & creative brewers and maximize creativity by working together on collaborative projects. We know Tom from Full Measure since a couple of years and worked together on different beer projects before (such as Scoppi; the peated coffee IPA, a collaboration including the coffee roasters from Kafischmitte).

As we are both deep into Brettanomyces and Farmhouse beers, it was a rather easy decision to go for a Farmhouse Saison as a first official collaboration release. Nelson Terroi{i}r was brewed with freshly harvested Nelson Sauvin 2014 hops directly imported from New Zealand, aged on French oak chips and bottled with Brettanomyces. Nelson Terro{i}r is an homage to the great wine and hop producing region of Nelson, NZ with a profile very reminiscent of a typical NZ white wine. Pair this beer with grilled fish, cheeses such as Brie or white grapes. And last but not least, enjoy!

Nelson Terro{i}r will be release in a limited number of 750 mL bottles soon.




Blackwell meets Cafethek – Coffee & beer

Coffee and beer – a combination getting a lot of attention lately. Very much to our liking since we are passionate about both beverages equally. And this is where Lukas, owner & artisan roaster at Cafethek comes into play. We first met Lukas at a local pub and instantly decided to work together on some off the wall coffee & beer projects. Below the first two Cafethek ~ Blackwell collaboration projects. Unfortunately, both products are already out of stock but hope for a revival still exists. But stay tuned for future coffee & beer infusion projects…

Cafe Framboesa Brasil

Cafe Framboesa Brasil; Artisan Coffee Sour

This beer represents the first of various coffee & beer infusion projects done in collaboration with the coffee wizards from Cafethek (www.cafethek.ch). Lambic style Framboise supplemented with Cafethek’s Nascente Amber coffee. Coffee meets fruity-sour, wild beer. A gorgeous and very intriguing combination. Brewer’s Reserve only (=only available at the brewery & friends).

Profile: Very complex raspberry-hazelnut, coffee backbone complemented with a subtle wild, phenolic Brettanoymces character. Light and fruity on the tongue and finishes with a nice tartness and a long lasting coffee sensation. Encore! Encore! Bottled at 5.4% ABV.

Cafe & Beer Gose Together

Cafe & Beer Gose Together; Artisan Coffee Gose

Second Cafethek (www.cafethek.ch) project. Galaxy dry hopped Leipziger Gose (lactic sour & salty wheat beer, brewed with coriander and salt) supplemented with a healthy shot of Cafethek’s G4 Guddethota 4 arabica coffee. Brewer’s Reserve only (=only available at the brewery & friends).

Profile: Passion fruits mixed with a subtle lactic sourness, green coffee, citrus, hazelnut & chocolate in the nose, finishes with a beautiful tongue-concerto of lactic sourness, coffee tartness, phenolic coriander and the salt. Very refreshing and sessiony at 3.3% ABV. Simply beautiful…


And the journey begins…

with the release of our very first beer on the CH beer market, a double IPA called Hop Suicide! as guest beer at our friends 523 (which sold out by the time I am writing this post). Selecting this particular brewery for our very first release is not a coincidence: 523 offered us the use of their brewing equipment what we graciously accepted. Not only do we have access to a fantastic brewing system now but furthermore got the opportunity to work along a brewer we highly respect. There is no better place for Blackwell right now than joining forces with team 523. It was a very easy decision for us to choose 523 as retailer to put our first beer on the market. To future endeavours!


Blackwell Brewery (or just Blackwell, as everyone calls it) officially started in Spring of 2012. We, Toby and Sam, started as homebrewers as early as 2006 and refined our recipes over the years. First successes at homebrew competitions further boosted our dreams of eventually being able to sell beers one day. The decision to open a brewery finalized in Fall 2013 and we put our efforts into the necessary legal documents which we finished in early Fall 2014. This lets us brew beer at home as well as selling it to retailers. As mentioned before, we not only brew at home but have the possibility to brew at 523 as well. This lets us follow projects where volume makes a difference. Such as barrel ageing and sours (which we are very passionate about).

If you are as excited about our future, please support 523 and us by buying our beers and spread the word. To good beer! Cheers!

Where do I get these Blackwell beers now?

Please have a look at the dedicated page. As we are now subsequently increasing our output, please respect that lots of our beers will still only be sold in small quantities. Just give us the time we need. Quality is the most important factor for us. Not quantity. Each and every beer that gets released on the market deserves to be there. Furthermore, we don’t commonly re-brew batches. Meaning most of the batches are one-time shows. When a beer is gone, its gone!

>>Hop Suicide!; Double India Pale Ale (aka Imperial IPA)

Straight forward DIPA malt bill (2-row, wheat, caramalt as well as small amount of sugar). Magnum, Chinook, Columbus & Simcoe in the boil. Amarillo, Centennial, Chinook, Columbus & Simcoe in the hop stand. Double dry hopped with healthy doses of Amarillo, Centennial, Columbus, Chinook and Simcoe. Very pungent tropical fruit nose & bitter-dry finish. 7.6% ABV & 120 IBU. Lots of hops died for this beer!

Blackwell awarded “Best New Swiss Brewery of 2013”

We are super excited to announce that Blackwell Brewery received the BOV’icial award of Best New Swiss Brewery of 2013. Just in front of our friends at Brasserie des 5 Quatre Mille. Congratulations to Julien. Congratulations to Bruno from Stotzi-Bräu for receiving the award of fourth best Swiss brewery of 2013. Thanks to BOV for this once-in-a-lifetime award.

This award is a huge honour for our small brewery and pushes our motivation to create new and exciting beers in 2014 as well. Furthermore, we are working on the necessary documents to finally get the permission to sell part of our output to a broader audience at selected bars & pubs.

Please check out BOV’s blog. One of the most knowledgeable person when it comes to the Swiss brewery scene with a nice overview of the current Swiss beer culture: http://bovbeers.wordpress.com/2014/01/23/a-look-back-at-2013/

Lets raise a glass, To good beer!Aniversary